Load Balancers

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Create Automated Load Balancer Nodes

Use a simple interface to deploy load balancers on any network or cloud host with built-in monitoring, performance, privacy, scaling and security features.

Both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are supported with public and private networking.

Customize Load Balancing Rotation Settings

Create custom load balancers for a list of destination IP addresses.

Configure rotation settings to automatically route each request evenly, randomly or with specific load priorities.

Handle Large Clusters Using Internal Forwarders

Load balancer performance can slow down when routing requests to a large cluster of nodes.

Split firewalls and internal forwarders allow a single load balancer node to forward TCP and UDP requests to hundreds of destinations.

Minimize Overhead on Each Load Balancer

Each node uses fast network address translation for load balancing instead of consuming resources from a running process.

This improves security and leaves more resources for scaling other components.