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Confirm Open-Source Code is Secure

Each deployed node is automated by interacting with free open-source code to make sure there are no unauthorized backdoor actions.

Limit Egress Network Traffic for Specific Websites

Prevent IP addresses on each node from getting blacklisted on specific websites and networks with granular request limitation rules for forwarding proxies and reverse proxies.

After a request limit is exceeded, requests are automatically blocked for a custom amount of time.

Protect Nodes Against Cyber Threats

Each node is protected with automated firewall rules to block cyber attacks and exploits without impacting node performance.

Unused ports are closed and multi-layer firewalls protect against brute-forcing, denial-of-service, ping-of-death and spoofing attacks.

Synchronize Nodes Using Zero-Trust Security Methods

Extensive validation is processed when nodes send monitoring data to make sure a compromised node can't attack other nodes with poisoned data.